Founder and General Manager


Andrea Aragosa began histraining in Rome in 1994, while he was collaborating with Isio Saba, an expert promoter and pioneer of jazz in Italy. With Saba, Andrea Aragosa is trained in managerial management and concerts.


He is an expert of music both for passion and, above all, for experience and professional path. He collaborated whit musicians from all over the world, directed musical projects, produced records and coordinated big events, promoting with his artistic and entrepreneurial vison the multicultural interchange trough the music and its combination with other arts, theatre, poetry and visual art.


During the development of his activities, Andrea Aragosa worked, and still does, in Italy with people coming from abroad and abroad working with Italian artists by encouraging the interchange among the experiences and constantly keeping in mind that the knowledge of other cultures is always a human and professional growth.





Founder and Executive Producer


Mario Aragosa started to work with Andrea during the Enzo Avitabile & Bottari tour in 2005-2006.
Initially Mario Aragosa takes care of the executive producing and of the logistics both in Italy and abroad; lately his activity extends to the project part, logistics and administrative field of every festivals, concerts and events.