In 2001 there’s the meeting between Enzo Avitabile and his producer and manager Andrea Aragosa. From this an unwavering friendship was born, respect and partnership that helped the growth and the research of the artist, compositor and multi-instrumentalist.


He started a path mot only towards the success, fame and many recognitions by the critic, but especially a journey into the search of the sound’s roots, the respect of the land and cultures and into the experimentation of new forms of creating and producing music.
Even in a time of mainstream musical productions, the combo Avitabile-Aragosa remains strong in the intention of perceive the music as an holy and universal element, as a connection and exchange between the interiority and the outside world, made of diversity, contaminations, signs, movements, dances and sounds that, in the end, became one only message of peace and unity.


This meeting and this mission they share in the respect end valorization of the local cultural traditions (especially in Naples, where there are many influences of African, Greek and Mediterranean music) lead Enzo Avitabile and Andrea Aragosa to produce some of the most important records of the music in Italy and worldwide.



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